25 years on Slovak market
Our services

Our team suply employees to other companies in the following fields:


For a long period, we provide workforce for production plants with respect to the requiremetns of our customers and the type of production, such a s Mechanical Engineering, Production of Plastics, Electrical manufacturing, Food production and Rubber production.


We have been specializing in providing services to retail industry for over 15 years, such as outsourcing of the checkout (counter) area, (shelf-)stacking, sales services for pyrotechnics, store remodelling and many other activities.


We have been specializing in this field since the year 2011. We provide comprehesive services in this field, such as selection, testing, training of workers in warehouses, work on the forklift and pallet truck up to a full support of the netire logistics processes.


We provide staff for administrative work for all types of businesses, securing the recepton offices, staff for the call centres, archives and other work.


Process assurance, human and technical assurance, readings of measuring instruments (meter readings) in the whole Slovakia. We are working for a long time with our clients at the regular, extraordinary and specific readings of measuring instruments (meter readings).


We can provide you with the staff involved in carrying out an inventory check that gives you a realistic overview of the stock level without any need to give employment to the own staff or technical and administrative resources.


In the services area we offer you a wide range of activities such as, washing, cleaning, moving, unskilled labour in the filed of construction, handling work, market reasearch, marketing and many others.